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Hurricanes by Pull Tiger Tail

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Reviewed on 4th June 2007.



By Pull Tiger Tail

Bands hyped up without an album, but solely because they are new, have four average songs on MySpace and a novelty name, seem to be the way music is going. I could so easily go off on a tangent, but this is how new music comes about, and surely that is a good thing. Bands can create a fanbase before releasing an album, pool their funds, and produce a better debut than they could have dreamed of turning out 6 months before. Awesome.

This brings us nicely to Pull Tiger Tail. Success beckoned as soon as those 3 words got into circulation as soon as thousands of 'crazy', neon-clad, indie kids read their name modestly printed mid-sentence in size 12 in NME. Pull Tiger Tail didn't really have to do much from there on; Get Cape sure didn't. For God's sake look at Hadouken!, they just go to show the power of punctuation and being "whacky". I think my next band are going to include my beloved semi-colon; stardome beckons...

Having said that, this is a catchy tune. Fluttery guitar sounds, jerky rhythms, an attempt at a rousing chorus; it's all in place.

I always say a good way of judging a band is by their b-sides. Here we have a plain radio-edit. A nice little single though, from a band who need to prove quickly that they have real substance.



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On 4th June 2007 at 22:33 Anonymous 6579 wrote...

Looking at the track listing there, it appears they do have some B-sides on there...

They must have missed them off the press release.

Sorry about that.



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