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Why Dogs Howl at the Moon by Thomas Truax

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Reviewed on 12th June 2007.


Why Dogs Howl at the Moon

By Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax, he's an odd one that lad. Tours around the country and continent on trains, accompanied by The Hornicator and Mary Poppins (who I think has replaced Sister Spinster on percussive duties), 2 made up "instruments". I've done gigs with him, and sound for him, and every time I think I've got a handle on what he's doing, he goes and does summat else to make me scratch my ever confused skull. "Why Dogs Howl At The Moon", I'm happy to announce, carries on with his attempts to baffle me and everyone else who gets captured by the weird and wonderful world he literally constructs. Fragile voices and guitars abound throughout the 12 tracks. Opener "Stranger On A Train" is a witty journey through the UK, name checking all train companies as he's goes along. "Like A Fallen Tree" is a lovestruck trip through breakup, with Truax being 1 part of the tree and his lover the other. Not sickly, just ace. "The Basset Hound's Lament" sounds potentially like there's been a cockup with the recording process, as it starts halfway through a word and stops, well I say stops, just disappears as the seconds tick away in track 11. This is interesting as I've got no idea if there's anything else to come on that track, and I'm typing this as I wait. If I was getting paid per word for this review, then I'd continue typing until summat happened, but I'm not, so I won't, although I seem to have been doing so. The trickster, nowt for 3 more minutes. Closer "A Notice Of Eviction To A Closet Full Of Skeletons" sums up Truax perfectly - all made up instruments are used, beautiful jagged acoustic is strummed and the gentlest notes are picked. There is some yodelling of course, and before you know it, it's all over. If you like your music a little more abstract, you could do a lot worse than letting TT into your mind. It's trip well worth taking....



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