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Stronger by Broken Dolls

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Reviewed on 20th June 2007.



By Broken Dolls

With the classic lyrics, sound, inspiration and even the look of model rock and roll bands, Broken Dolls release their new single 'Stronger'.

With some very repetitive and not-much-about-them lyrics, this single doesn't seem to have much to it. The line heard time and again "if it don't kill you it will make you stronger" is something we've all probably heard before and it's not the best line to base a track around. The song does seem to drag a bit at just over four minutes long and I think a lot of this recurrence could have been cut out. Fair enough, there are timeless prose used in this genre, but it seems to have nothing original happening. The final minute is the same line sung until the song's conclusion, a bit dry.

The drums provide a steady beat and the guitars are simple enough to support the vocals. The opening draws you in but the rest of the song doesn't keep you hooked. The Ooo-ing at the end of the chorus is all good but the song itself as a whole doesn't jump out the speakers how you expect, want and need it to. It feels like when it's about to, as it's standing on the edge of the speaker, about to jump and provide some first-class composition, it then needs a sit down, a kit-kat and a quick brew. I needed more, quite a lot more.

I'm not sure if this is the quality that a single really requires. It seems to be more of an album track, not filler, but, well, yeah, filler. It's obvious that Broken Dolls are doing well, with gigs all over the Midlands played and planned and even Glastonbury slots under their belts, but this single felt flat. With not much about it, some exhausted lyrics, poor rhymes and little else to say about the instruments, next time, perhaps a Stronger effort is essential.



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