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Tarantula by Montana

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Reviewed on 27th June 2007.



By Montana

I got excited because one of my favourite UK hardcore bands is called Montana and they're brilliant. Nope. Instead I get lumped with this awful, awful pop nonsense. Not good pop nonsense; there's enough of that, like McFly or The Feeling, but this is atrocious. Maybe they're all really rich and put this out themselves because apart from the fact that it's produced really slickly, it's so nondescript and boring it actually hurts.

I lost the Press-Kit that came with this so I've no idea what their background is or their influences but honestly, who cares? Remember that TV show in the 90s about rich American kids that lived by the beach and had a band? California Dreams or something? Yeah, they sound like that but without the rad Neon shorts.

Please, please stay away from this record.



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