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Outdoor Games by Magic Arm

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Reviewed on 7th July 2007.


Outdoor Games

By Magic Arm

Marc Rigelsford's alter-ego, Magic Arm, creates rather experimental music while still producing quirky and light indie tracks. Now, before you go running for the hills, let me reassure you the end result is hopeful. This seven-track EP is a fairly genre-spanning work, and as such should have something to please most listeners. Above all it should be of interest to those looking for something disarmingly unusual.

The first track on the EP, also the title track, is a knock-out. "Outdoor Games" has a whimsical acoustic guitar part, reminiscent of The Shins at their best, and several slightly less expected instruments floating around add to the track's bewitching appeal. It's hypnotically melodious and wholly compelling. Although personal taste in genre will affect any listener's preferred song, this title track is for me the strongest on the EP -closely followed by "Move Out". "Move Out" is a curiosity; if a very catchy experimental song doesn't sound wild enough, the flute ostinato based around the harmonic minor scale and mechanical sounds providing a rhythmic base should make it even more extraordinary! A real romp and a truly exciting listen.

"D.A.Q" is a very witty prod at electronica, although I do find it sacrifices some listenability for drollness.

There is not a particularly weak track on this EP, and it works wonderfully well as a full listen, as a patchwork of charming little tunes. The closing track of a 50-some seconds of understated but glorious instrumental leaves you feeling as though you're floating off on a cloud somewhere on a mild hallucinogen (as you do). A quaint and refreshing 25 minutes of listening. I couldn't think of a better way to power-relax.



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