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Song 4 Mutya by Groove Armada

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Reviewed on 13th July 2007.


Song 4 Mutya

By Groove Armada

Mutya, or Mutley as I like to refer to her, was once a member of the Sugababes. Did you know that? Course you did! That 'Ugly' song they released was about her, or, perhaps should have been. Until of course she left to pursue a glisteningly good solo career. Here we see a slightly better than what you'd expect effort as she's teamed up with Groove Armada.

Slightly better? Perhaps not! It's pretty shocking stuff. It sounds like a Sugababes album filler, if that. Mutley's voice grates on me and her solo career may be the worst idea of the century (so far). The lyrics are pathetic, it sounds like a 80s throwback. The single artwork emphasises that, although the cover is pretty funky (if you don't stare at the pixelated Mutley face for too long that is!) I quite like to talk about myself in the third person as it's often comical and often necessary, but she sings about herself looking at some bloke or other and then whines a few high notes as the repetitive few background notes start to give you a migraine. The Groove guys must have thought it sounded good, well; what wouldn't compared to that voice! The three and a half minutes seem like a lifetime.

Obviously this will race up the charts and get a top five or ten position, but I hope it dies on its feet. I like Groove Armada, but this collaboration is not for me. I dearly hope, no, pray, that the other partnerships on 'Soundboy Rock' are better. No doubt the clubs will be blasting this out but I won't be anywhere near. A couple of points for it being Groove Armada and a sympathy point for the artwork, but this woman has put me right off!



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