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Morden by Good Shoes

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Reviewed on 17th July 2007.



By Good Shoes

From the truly glorious, rousing opening riff, you can tell that 'Morden' is going to be a tale of teenage angst for our times and what a tale Good Shoes turn it into. When being "different" and "standing out from the crowd" can make or break a band, the song could so easily have been a disaster, but  this doesn't cross your mind upon listening as the band transform an otherwise samey sounding tale of our lives into modern gospel for the heathens. It's in the way that vocals touching on 'Chinese food', 'drunken fools' and recently resurrected '80s tunes' are delivered, sounding somewhere between spoken word and grime mc, yet tinged with a previously unheard urgency that compels you to listen and take some kind of action. Good Shoes mark themselves out as one of today's fresh young bands who are social observers even if it's without intention. Rhys Jones' witty vocals 'This is not the kind of place you wanna take your kids to' can be interpreted as a reference to the undisputed fact that modern children can't have good old fashioned fun for fear of paedophiles and 'skinheads'. 'Morden''s chorus is uplifting as Jones spells out that the lyrics describe the state of the band's hometown and additionally the soaring backing vocals render the chorus unstoppable and the most powerful element of the song without doubt. 'Staring at the government not noticing the Queen' acts as a nicely blunt political comment and collective release as we all think this and possibly discuss it, but don't just come out and say it. 'Morden' is social commentary with feeling and you need it in your life.

Metronomy's worthwhile remix proves that they can do nothing wrong. The sick, sick, squelching beats will have you clapping your hands and stamping your feet to the sound of intelligent social comment: the vocals sound like they have even more of a message and needing to be heard which I'd previously thought impossible as Good Shoes do such a stellar job themselves. Surely this extra elbow nudge is no bad thing in these grim times when society's key figures choose to bury their heads in the sand. Where are voices like Good Shoes' in Brown's Britain?



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