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La la la la Ley by Seagull Strange

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Reviewed on 19th July 2007.


La la la la Ley

By Seagull Strange

As song titles go, it's not up there with the Gods, it's more towards Rola Cola than the Rolls Royce end of names. Yet this deceptively middle of the road title lulls the listener into a false sense of security before hammering them with macabre lyrics, very much in the same way as "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" once did, along with a sinister undertone and a growling bass line. This is no bland indie-pop, it's the Trojan horse of war!

However, imagine my dismay when approximately 1minute 30seconds into the song, I discovered its unwelcome alter-ego; the apologetic rationaliser. "Well I know that you're doing the best that you can" whined lead singer Dan. What?! Where was the flare and the menace from mili-seconds before? My favourite villain of a song had reformed right before my eyes and turned into a simpering mess.

I listened to the rest of the song feeling lost and to be frank, a little bit cheated. I can't deny that this is a song with more twists and turns than a bowl of spaghetti, but I just don't think Seagull Strange have quite figured out what they want it to be yet, so how can we?



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On 14th December 2007 at 10:59 Anonymous 6923 wrote...

I disagree! This band is great and you are wrong. Very wrong. WRONG.




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