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Genni's Song by Rosie Oddie

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Reviewed on 1st August 2007.


Genni's Song

By Rosie Oddie

Rosie Oddie, sporting her father's household moniker, is the latest singer to have grown up with a celebrity 'bird' obsessive for a father. Just like her contemporaries, Oddie has a penchant for realism, singing songs about the usual teenage melange of drugs, boys and heady lives. However, unlike Allen's ironic pop, Oddie reflects the grittiness of some aspects of life through her blatancy and more murky chords and choruses. Genni's song is an instant win-over as it oozes with Oddie's advocation of independence, an 'I want to sit up and be heard and not take any s**t from anybody!' statement. Her vocal stylings flitter between idiosyncratically free-spirited mutterings to powerful growls, yet all the time with the underlying newly acquisitioned 'LDN' pop accent... and of course animated backing band who cushion the lyrics and bring the song to life. Speaking in terms of well-known personalities' children I think it's safe to say we can expect to hear a lot more from her than just one hit followed by a lifetime off sponging off daddy's money whilst forgetting that they ever went to school. Prepare to welcome in the new Oddie who doesn't have binoculars and a rather required taste of shirts into the mainstream.



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