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Reviewed on 1st August 2007.



By The Arteries

The Arteries' music is pretty much as you would expect with such an unpleasant name. The Welsh five-piece's aggressive punk almost verges on metal with its hard, powerful riffs backed by thumping rhythms topped by screeching vocals.

The five-track EP starts well with the exciting "Still On My Feet". If played too loud, the force of the track will shatter your speakers. After that, it starts to fall by the way side. "Stick To Your Guns" and "Plain Sailing" have the same power as the opening track, but the songs just don't sustain any real interest. "Billy" does have a similar impact to "Still On My Feet" and does make your ears eagerly prick up. Unfortunately the EP finishes disappointingly with "More Books, Less TV". It continues with the same old 100 mph romp, but it's just noise.

The Arteries' five-track EP is interesting and there are a couple of good songs on it. It's just a shame that it blows so hot and cold.



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