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A Love Supreme / Jonjo Feather - split single by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 2nd August 2007.


A Love Supreme / Jonjo Feather - split single

By Various Artists

To paraphrase the press release, apparently "highly acclaimed producer Will Jackson" was at the helm for part one of this double a-side, helping A Love Supreme to their first release proper... "yes and?" you ask. Well he has also worked with such Leeds luminaries as The Music, The Pigeon Detectives and The Kaisers, therefore the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the track is too scruffy and lacking any real merit to be a label-launching single rather than the production making a ham fist of it. The band wrestle with a variety of ideas and melodies and try to fit them in to a song just like a returning festival goer scratching their head at the fact their sleeping bag once fitted in its rather snug carry sack. This phenomenon is not least demonstrated by the singer's garbled attempt to try and squeeze the main chorus hook in to what is just one bar to few for comfort. As a total it's up and down, and despite bags of energy and effort it and never gets there.

A flip of the coin offers something far more interesting with the buzzing menace of the breathy Jonjo Feather with "I Suppose". Some Jim Noir-ish stylings make for a "cool" trip. Watch for your EQ settings mind you as a rather over zealous snare level means the SNARE is a little SNARE bit pronounced SNARE and you can SNARE see how SNARE annoying SNARE that gets. Although it's only a small seed planted there is every hope that Jonjo Feather will tickle our fancy again in the future.



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Jonjo is a pop star, a songwriter, a creative multi-instrumentalist genius.