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Reviewed on 11th August 2007.



By Broken Dolls

Having played a string of live events across the Midlands and South through June and July, Broken Dolls release their self-titled début album. Having previously reviewed their single 'Stronger' and not thinking much to that (4/10), let's have a look at what the album holds for us shall we?

"It hasn't been easy, but we feel that the album we've made is hugely important," says Jay Langdell, guitarist from the band. With the producing expertise of Jim Abbiss (T'Arctics, Kasabian) and Jagz Kooner (Pirimal Scream, Infadels) the album was written and recorded in the band's home studio in Coventry. 'Here We Go' is the first track, and indeed here we do go. The lyrics aren't overly inspired, but this first track does a good job of grabbing you and holding your attention and wanting you to listen on. Track two 'Rock And Roll' shows that the band can build bridges between genres and this track would be equally at home in a rock club as it would in a dance club.

Listening once again to the single I previously reviewed Stronger (track three) perhaps I was a little harsh on Broken Dolls. I would have maybe given a couple of extra points if reviewing that track today. The chorus is very 80's inspired which sounds ace. Maybe I feel I can appreciate the track more within the context of the album as I feel I understand where the band are coming from.

The album mixes moods, high speed tracks with melodic atmospheres and as I've said, bridging a gap between rock and dance. The band attempt to show off a vast array of talent and they succeed on many a level. 'Crazy Scene', 'Peaches', 'So Good For Me' and 'One Of These Days' are other standout tracks for me. I thought I'd be reviewing this album like I did the single earlier in the year, but I was wrong. I wouldn't say Broken Dolls have a new fan in me, but I do enjoy their music. I'm sure the rest of the country will do also and I have no doubts that they will once again be playing Glastonbury, like they have done previously.



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