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The Projectionist by A Silent Film

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Reviewed on 12th August 2007.


The Projectionist

By A Silent Film

This is funny. "Multiple matches were found online for this CD. Please choose one."

How To Save A Life - The Fray. Tee-hee.

Usually, I'm severely uninspired by throwaway claptrap suck as "this Oxford quartet play like nothing before" but here I'm rather impressed. 'The Lamplight' sounds like it was lost in the (alternative) 80s. "All my hopes and fears collide" is an apt central lyric for such a changeable four minutes, as wailing shoegaze guitars accompany a quiet electronic melody. Despite the contrasts, it holds together quite well.

It's a difficult task to apply such unique ability to CD, yet A Silent Film just about manage it. I can imagine they are a band who do benefit from the live stage however, a la Engineers. 'Sleeping Pills' confirms this; while it has the potential to sound extraordinary, something seems to be lacking. The vocals are excellent, yet the music seems strangely lost at times, almost secondary. Although it proves an overly-argued point that xylophones are detrimental to the success of rock music.

I'm not going to compare A Silent Film to anyone, purely for the reason that despite listing their influences, it does seem as though they are attempting to create something new. Even when they revert to more traditional aspects of indie ('Six Feet Of Rope And Revenge') it's hard to name a comparison.

Of course, this doesn't matter if you're shit but A Silent Film are not.



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