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Merrymaking at My Place by Calvin Harris

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Reviewed on 28th August 2007.


Merrymaking at My Place

By Calvin Harris

Perhaps this is the moment where people start to see through the bizarre phenomenon that is Calvin Harris. Earlier in the year I had to assume that 'Vegas' was the work of someone playing a joke on the general public. However, in the manner of one who had initially dismissed some important piece of modern art as being nothing more than a childish scrawl, I was presented in 'Acceptable in the 80s' with an argument that there was some substance behind the deliberately simply rhythms and intentionally meaningless lyrics. Well, it made you want to dance, if nothing else, and that is the whole purpose of a dance record pretty much fulfilled in one go. We're not on the dancefloor to learn about philosophy or political history after all (we've got iLiKETRAiNS gigs for that.)

But back to the history of Calvin Harris, and what happens next? He releases the not-only-vacuous-but-also-not-very-danceable 'Girls', and now seems to plumb further depths with 'Merrymaking At My Place'. If that zenith of houseparty-related tunedom, 'Daft Punk Are Playing At My House', is a summary of the best party you've ever been to, 'Merrymaking...' definitely equates to an invitation you'll be not-so-politely declining in favour of washing your hair / walking the dog / making a giant sculpture out of cheese. I can admit that this tune does burrow its way into your brain and thus annoy you intensely when you accidentally find yourself humming it, but in my book that's all the more reason to knock another couple of points off. If this really is the fourth best tune on the album then I'm not about to reconsider my decision to spend money on the long player any time soon.



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