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Inspirita by Father

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Reviewed on 28th August 2007.



By Father

Inspirita is one of those albums that get better with every listen. It's an album which draws all kinds of influences, from Metal to Jazz. It's an album mixed with heavy guitar riffs and big choruses. I think this album has potential to do very well.

Father's Inspirita kicks off rather comfortably with opener Cynosure, which is more the calm before the storm than the usual all out 'heavy' opener. Although the song is good if I didn't know any better I'd think this album was going to be fluent in songs just like these. After one listen of the album I realise I couldn't be further away from the truth.

Next song Machina is a dance worthy, happy number which is fun to listen to no matter how many times you hear it. This song immediately raises the bar for the other songs so it's a good job the band wrote Vasaai and Lost In Words, the two best songs on the album.

Vasaai can only be described as an amazing journey through the cross over of metal and jazz, with an inspired saxophone breakdown, which is the last thing I expected from a heavy alternative Metal band. The weird thing is that the Jazz crossover works really well and also hints at a few other influences within the band. The Neo-Prog stylings of this song is the best indication that this band have big things ahead of them, and keeps you itching for more all the time.

Lost In Words starts with an odd but catchy guitar loop which immediately gets hooked into you subconscious for hours upon hours. This is another very addictive song on the the album with a hint of the bands personality when lead singer Mihael exclaims 'one more time, it's hammertime!'. The song also showcases his superb vocal talents which can hit the notes with the best of singers.

This in no way means that father cant rock out which they prove in songs like Never come back, where we are treated to the typical metal onslaught of the double kick drum and alternate picking, which is truly delightful to hear considering the many other influences that band have. Another good example of some their heavier roots are seen in Chigla Pegla.

With positive reviews from prestigious magazines such as Metalhammer I think this album is definitely worth a listen. Or twelve.



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