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Doing It Right by The Go! Team

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Reviewed on 4th September 2007.


Doing It Right

By The Go! Team

The Go! Team release another song from their ever imminent forthcoming second album 'Proof Of Youth', and if this second single is anything to judge by, it's going to be one hell of an album.

Already having lots of radio play with this track (Radio One seem to like the band muchly) 'Doing It Right' brings, once again, the best of the Team. Sounding at times like it could be part of an old American kids TV show, as the lyrics are chanted, mixed up and crossed over. The backing track is as always funky, upbeat and it's like one long happiness pill, with no come down. The electro-garage style combining with the girly rapping from Ninja singing at a pitch where most males will fail to reach and retain throughout the verses, enforces 'Doing It Right' as yet another step in the right direction for the Brighton based bunch. The other two tracks on the single are also brilliant: 'Milk Crisis' blasting out just how we'd expect, but the third song, a cover of the Wicker Man's 'Willow's Song' slightly more hallowing and mysterious. It's nice to see that they are mixing it up, yet retaining their unique sounds.

The Go! Team work so many parts of their songs together, effortlessly creating a solid flowing track that incorporates everything we know, love and expect from the Team! An excellent second single from what I hope turns out to be an excellent second album! 1... 2... 3... Go!



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