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Picture of You by Mr Hudson And The Library

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Reviewed on 7th September 2007.


Picture of You

By Mr Hudson And The Library

Apparently this guy's got a degree from Oxford but you wouldn't know it apart from that it's mentioned in every review or feature he's ever had. I mean the guy takes a library on tour, check that out. In fact I think I might have seen their tour van in Scotland last year. But for a smart cookie this is somewhat of a let-down, and maybe it's the result of being a little too shrewd. Strip it down and you realise this is just a tweaked up boy band number and not a particularly impressive one at that.

Or maybe I'm just an emotionless robot, who knows eh? You see it seems as if Mr Hudson has lost his girl and she's not coming back, the sad keys tell you that much. I like to think she's not actually dead and he's a creepy stalker that strikes in the third act but I guess I should stick to reviewing what's on the CD rather than the incoherent and frequently murderous tangents of my own imagination. And the reality has its own problems, there's one particular verse that buries the song for me every time: "Should time bring me fame / Or a touch of bling / Imagine that / Getting paid to sing". I'm not sure it's worth deconstructing what's at fault there but I'm pretty sure there are multiple infractions.

This is a totally wussy ballad but Hudson has shown himself to be capable enough elsewhere. Check out his other tracks (and check the other reviews from this site) and decide for yourself whether his upcoming Cockpit show is worth the gamble.



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