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Nuclear Daydream by Joseph Arthur

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Reviewed on 7th September 2007.


Nuclear Daydream

By Joseph Arthur

Releasing two new albums simultaneously is a big ask of any artist, but when you see what Joseph Arthur has done and is all about, it's another step on an amazing journey for this man.

Nuclear Daydream is Arthur's fifth full-length album, comprising of 12 original songs. Exploring the worlds of love and despair, it was released in the States in late '06 where Vanity Fair called the album as "a glorious work of art" whilst Entertainment Weekly described it as "an epic tale of romantic loss that is haunting, mournful and ultimately hopeful."

I very much agree. From the opening song 'Too Much To Hide' all the way through to the title track at the end of the album, explorations of love, life, and loss are found. The recently released single 'Enough To Get Away' is beautiful, combining wonderful lyrics with a grippingly simple backing track. "Next year we will live in the country... doing laundry". Arthur sings of a dream to be somewhere, but one which perhaps isn't quite attainable. Maybe this was his influence for the album title. Stand out tracks are 'You Are Free', 'Automatic Situation' and 'Woman'. I won't say much about the songs individually as you should hear them yourself to get the full experience. They are though, soft, melodic, mesmerising, and quite breathtaking. You find yourself listening intently, drawn into his hypnotising voice and the events he sings about.

Obviously not happy releasing two albums, Arthur has just opened his own gallery and performance space called The Museum of Modern Arthur. As he is an established and acclaimed artist on canvas as well as musically, this space he has created is the perfect area for his work to be shown and his story to be told. He also worked alongside the likes of Chris Martin and Justin Timberlake in covering one of his songs from an earlier album in hope of raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims. Joseph Arthur is a very talented man, one that gives back to the community through charity work as well as in the music and art he creates. Nuclear Daydream will no doubt be another highly anticipated and well received album. A very impressive album.



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