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One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours by Fightstar

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Reviewed on 18th September 2007.


One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours

By Fightstar

On the initial listen to this album it doesn't seem to be the album that this band are capable of. Starter song '99' does nothing to move this band along in anyone's opinion whether good or bad, and the standout songs initially are track five 'death car' and track ten 'Tannhauser', simply for the bruising head bashing riffs. So not much to write home about then.

Like all good albums, it only gets better with every listen, and as a Fightstar follower I had personal reasons to give this another listen. Yes it did get better but not for the reason I thought. Not because songs like 'deathcar' were a new take on the Fightstar sound, although they are good but it's the other songs, most notably 'We apologise for nothing', that see the band improving on the sound they left on the debut album 'Grand Unification'. The songs are bolder and more rounded. The vocals are much more impressive and you seem to get the feeling that though Fightstar are desperately searching for a new sound, they've already found their winning formula.

Title track 'One day son' ticks all the boxes perfectly. It's catchy as hell, with a sadistic sounding string section and a muse-esque bassline with some pretty good riffs thrown in for measure and a vocal that just seems to flow out Charlie's throat with great ease. He recently stated that a lot of the vocals were taken from first cut demo's and I can see why, what's the point re-doing something that's perfect already?

Some of the songs however do have striking resemblances to other influences, like 'Floods' which has Muse written all over it, not that this is bad, it could never be mistaken for Muse which is more of a tribute to the band.

My personal favourite on the album is last song unfamiliar Ceiling which sees a new contrast to the band who use samples for the first time since birth and a contrasting female vocal. This song is also so catchy it's just asking to be sampled and sped up for the dance generation. A nice contrast to the battling tempo of the rest of the album.

So the verdict? If you're a fan then you should probably run out and get this album as quick as possible because you will definitely love it. If you're not a fan you will definitely find something there for you but don't expect it to be your favourite record ever either.



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