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Good Arrows by Tunng

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Reviewed on 24th September 2007.


Good Arrows

By Tunng

Tunng's 3rd long player "Good Arrows" is without a shadow of doubt their best so far. This album is the marvellous sound of an already great band fulfilling the promise of their previous outings. It is an absolute joy from start to finish. Subtle and vulnerable, cunning and sly, and yet bold and confident the nu-folkers have only gone and discovered a pop-bone in their make up. Tunng's music breathes its way in to your psyche rather than blunders through. Its clicks, ticks and organic percussion fit seamlessly beneath the softly strummed acoustic guitar. Melodies are carried along with fireside sing-along harmonies and samples come and go as if they were exactly what you were expecting. A trumpet chorus here, a cuckoo there, a crackling recording of an archive horse race commentary and a buzzing saw wave but of course. It's clever music without the need to brag about it. Just music you will want to listen to again and again and for a long time you may not even know why. Tunng pick up their own baton from previous album "Comments of the inner chorus" and run with it so fast there is nothing but a cloud of dust. As a collective piece of work it is easy to enthuse about but absolute highlights are single "Bullets" which with its bouncy beat and piano line show a real sense of muscling into the pop arena. Instrumental "Soup" is a mischievous number, while "King" sounds like the angular soundtrack to a shadow puppet story about insects. Top of the pile is the restful and rolling "Arms" which is just special... it really is. Whoever thought of just using a crackling fire as a backing track knew exactly the emotions they would be tapping in to... clever stuff. But you don't need to be a chin scratching muso to appreciate the artistry on show here. It's just a winning formula that all can enjoy, whether a chilled out dance-head, stoned Indie kid or Folk woolly jumper with an ear for electronica this will have you smiling for months. Now you have been told, so go and do something about it! Go on!



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