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Firecracker by Voxtrot

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Reviewed on 2nd October 2007.



By Voxtrot

Voxtrot are a band from Austin, Texas. They write songs. Some of those songs were put together to form an album. They also play live sometimes.

The introduction to this review is equivalent to Voxtrot's latest single - completely devoid of creativity, character or anything to capture anyone's attention; 'Firecracker' is the sound of a band trying and failing, which kind of makes it all the more sadder. It's three and a half minutes that completely washes over the listener, providing absolutely nothing to entertain.

It's often said that what artists least want to hear is the word "inoffensive" - well, good for you chaps, because this track is just so goddamn innocuous, so horribly banal that it's very existence offends me; the idea that artists can really lack the ambition to create something vaguely interesting or original is depressing.

Perhaps the lyrics could save this release from being disastrous? Afraid not - they range from nonsensical ("But don't be daft no it's just a monkey business") to embarrassing ("I will not complain at all / I will never be tricked by you. / No No No").

What may have sounded fairly interesting and sharp in 2001, now just sounds so stale - It's the same old indie-rock you've been hearing for the past six years since NME's "new rock revolution", and quite frankly it needs to come to an end. Immediately.



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