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The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars

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Reviewed on 3rd October 2007.


The Kill

By 30 Seconds to Mars

Every so often a really catchy metal/rock song comes along where people stand up and take notice. With the nominations and awards this song has gained, 30 Seconds To Mars are currently hot stuff, riding the waves of success.

The longest running song in the history of the US Modern Rock chart? Fancy! That's quite an achievement, and is it any wonder when the song seems to have gripped the nation? Radio One have been throwing it out nearly every day on every show, with the epic reflection of the song giving truck drivers all over the UK a song to put a bit more gas into. The song that I compare this to is 'Rooftops' by Lost Prophets - an audience song, one that can be screamed along to and appealingly seems to capture the heart of its fan. With album 'A Beautiful Lie' selling over a million copies in the states, people are obviously enjoying what they hear.

Questioning the audience throughout the verses, leading into a scream-aholic chorus line, it's easy to be grabbed by the lyrics. Contemplative, brooding and immersed, 'The Kill' obviously isn't shallow. Some may say so and not like it due to the acclaim it's been receiving, but that's the world we live in. It's catchy rock music, and even though it's probably got reasons behind its words, it doesn't necessarily need them. The thorny guitars, throbbing vocals and primitive beats are bound to be the start of the journey to Mars. If that's their goal, they about 22 seconds away now. A nice fat lady!



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