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Make A Choice by Dylan Donkin

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Reviewed on 10th October 2007.


Make A Choice

By Dylan Donkin

Dylan Donkin - a man, a dream or a musical marvel? A slice of this psychedelic-surf pie has produced a smorgasbord of responses. However, Make a Choice, if no other, is living proof that he is in no way a "poor man's Jack Johnson". It seems that being brought up on a diet of surf boards, acoustic guitars and great influences really do make the most Spartan of folk-rock artists. Blend the eerie sighs of Jim Noir's "My Patch", with LSD-laced Shin's wavering vocals and lace it with Beta Band-esque synths and you're part way there. An added mish-mash of Jeff Buckley's spine-tingling strums and the Beach Boys sun-drenched soul and voila, here it is, a four minute trip into other worldly dreams and the hall of American greats. It's not that bad for some one who grew up on a desert island is it?



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