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Being a Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated by Amycanbe

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Reviewed on 15th October 2007.


Being a Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated

By Amycanbe

Being A Grown-Up Sure Is Complicated - sure is! Reflecting the alternation into adult life, Amycanbe's awaited debut album portraits music from the body and the soul.

Hailing from the northern eastern Italian city of Ravenna, the four members of the band have been together for many years. Developing their style and elegance, they have achieved extensive acclaim and built up an army of followers. With support slots for the likes of Skin (Skunk Anansie) and an exclusive hybrid of a sound, the stepping stones are pretty much set to be journeyed across. Not sure what to class them as really. Conjoining well played attractive slow indie with a spoonful of electronica and a tease of folk, think Boards Of Canada and Explosions In The Sky but with a delightful voice and on the continent.

The delicate vocal work of Francesca Amati is exquisite. It is obvious talent amongst the group. A trumpet even appears in this album. The songs are seductive, fresh, smile-producing. Maybe growing up is complicated, but with a soundtrack like this, I'm happy to be maturing through the twenties.

A slightly haunting, mysterious opening to track one '24 Hours' is broken by a content arrangement of instruments, painting some kind of picnic ideal day. The fragile lyrics are far from dainty, they immerse you, grab and hold you but with a gentle hand rather than a Chinese burn.

Each song tells a story. The album is like a book with lots of little chapters waiting to unfold upon the listener. From the folky bounciness of 'Down Under' to the 'The Song Of Matthew and Mark' which immediately inflicts a delightful beat on you, the album sketches a picture of inner peace and happiness. Perhaps this could be the key ingredient to growing up, for the band as well as listener. It is hard to pinpoint stand out tracks as the entire album is standout itself. This is possibly the best band I've found like the past five years. Their talent is obvious, their passion is wonderful. Elusive, chic, with bags of aptitude, if anyone currently in the music industry should and can be household names, Amycanbe.



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