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Not Here To Shop by Stars Of Track & Field

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Reviewed on 18th October 2007.


Not Here To Shop

By Stars Of Track & Field

Having spent the last three years in Carlisle (at University) I watched the development of a local band by the name of Stars Of Track & Field. In fact I was contemplating turning up for the vocalist audition at one point. But I am glad I didn't, as they have formed a tight knit, well experienced and vastly talented band. Adam, Andy, Blake Chris and Jeni are Stars Of Track & Field.

Opening track one with a enticing cluster of guitar riffs, the introduction opens the floodgates for front woman Jeni to explode her extremely distinctive vocals. She sounds like a mixture of a number of female artists around right now, with elements of Gwen Stefani and perhaps PJ Harvey amongst others. Track one is entitled 'Temporary Thing' but this band are anything but! This track has received a credible amount of radio airplay and appeared on a new MTV2 show. It's a soft slow rock song and even though Blake told me the CD is very demo-like, it sounds awesome and is a definite platform to build and excel from.

My favourite track is probably 'Fall Of Everything'. The band provides a mellow yet individual tune for Jeni to add to. It feels chilled out yet powerful (a contradiction if ever there was one!) The songs on this album (other titles are 'Take Off', 'Night Out Of Hell' and 'Stall') are romantic, quite tender, and even with the four piece band behind our front woman; it doesn't get overly heavy and drowned out. It's a precise blend of pop and indie, with hints of other genres seeping through as well. Plus, they manage to retain a steady backing, which is often lacking in today's music scene. Presenting vast aptitude, the instrument-men support Jeni's great and inspiring vocal range.

Having supported and shared the stage with a number of 'big' bands on the Carlisle and northern circuit including Shiny Toy Guns, The Sounds, OPM, Milburn and Little Man Tate, Stars Of Track & Field are making a massive name for themselves. I'm told they will be heading back into the studio to develop and perfect 'Not Here To Shop'. I will be keeping my eye on Stars Of Track & Field in the future, looking forward to their next visit to the studio (which I hope to review) and I wish them a (track and) field load of luck!



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