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Rhinemaidens by The Envy Corps

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Reviewed on 31st October 2007.



By The Envy Corps

Making new discoveries is always exciting. Few self-respecting music fans will disagree that finding a promising new band is one of the main reasons to get up in the morning - perhaps only over-ridden if somebody's cooking something lovely for breakfast.

So, after marginal deviation, perhaps this is why I'm so unwarrantably keyed up about reviewing this particular single. Unjustly and unfittingly obscure Vertigo artists The Envy Corps are one of those gorgeous little offbeat secrets. "Rhinemaidens" is a song of whimsy beyond conceivable proportions, something that comparisons to bands such as Doves and The Killers just don't do justice to; of course, Killers comparisons were inevitable following a support slot on a Killers' tour - a welcome addition to an already impressive musical C.V.

There's so much charm in each instrumental part: frontman Luke Pettipoole's vocals have an almost child-like innocence and sincerity, boosted further by castle-in-the-air, enchantingly metaphorical lyrics such as "I met you in the middle of a rain cloud", which are beautifully delivered. Guitar parts are complimentary rhythm lines, with gently chugging chords, lovely counter-melody lines and arpeggios. Shimmer-y glissando on the bass and heavily syncopated drums make this track more quirky and soaring. Better still, the full album version includes a beautifully ethereal, even celestial, introduction. Inspired.

The unanticipated treat is made even more surprising considering a certain band Envy Corps' lead guitarist Brandon Darner has previously been associated with - "Rhinemaidens" seems a strikingly unexpected outcome when stories, or rather trivia, about his involvement in Slipknot as a percussionist for a very short stint reach your ears. The undeniably hippy-ish result seems the polar opposite to this.

There's definitely nothing better than such an unusual kind of musical unearthing, and there are very few things better than being the bearer of great news: rumour has it The Envy Corps are heart-breakingly good, and I'm glad to help spread the gossip.



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