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Kingdom by Dave Gahan

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Reviewed on 2nd November 2007.



By Dave Gahan

Teenage darkness doesn't cut it for me, not compared to a full lifespan shaded by recurring periods of inner turmoil. Sure there's the adolescent fear of the unknown, or worse still the fear of no change at all, but there isn't the same jadedness, the cemented cynicism, the well trodden despair. That's the real horror, slow burn, hope seeping away like a drip from a gutter.

So though Dave Gahan used to be New Wave (now that's horror) perhaps there's more of the night in him than one might imagine, what with the well documented overdoses, accidental deaths and hazily differentiated suicide attempts. The track itself, 'Kingdom', is striking. It really stands out from the standard drone of most radio fare. Gahan hasn't written much for Depeche Mode, chipping in a total of three songs all on their most recent album, and there's a question mark over the importance of contributions made by hired hands Christian Eigner and Andrew Philpott. But here it's Gahan's show, it's his voice that makes it.

I'd peg the genre as industrial. As a genre it may have lost some of the kick of its Nine Inch Nails heyday, and the production here is what one might disparagingly call tight, but there's still enough of a hint of danger to keep it interesting. And whatever Gahan's trying to say he sure sounds embittered saying it.

My Chemical Romance? See me in twenty years when I might give a damn.



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