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Perfectionist Being by The Masked Musician

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Reviewed on 12th November 2007.


Perfectionist Being

By The Masked Musician

The Masked Musician is a Leeds based solo artist responsible for everything from writing to producing the songs. 'Perfectionist Being' is the third release from his album '1.618'.

The song is a typical metal, light and shade song with a calm introduction and verse before the exploding chorus with a real polished American sound to it. All sounds good? Well during the calm parts the vocals really do sound weak and a bit off, which is a recurring problem with all the songs.

The second song on the disc, 'Selling Your Disease', is a bit of a vocal shocker. Like the first song the riffs are thick and heavy, but the singing is really bad as he struggles to reach those high notes. It's like someone doing a bad impersonation of the Bee-Gees singing Metallica. Once it kicks into the deep and heavy vocal chorus it doesn't sound so bad. The final song 'Selling Your Disease' is in the same vain as the first two.

The disc does offer some good music and I think these songs would really benefit by being performed with a full band rather than just the one person, especially the vocals. The Masked Musician needs to include more than just his own opinion to get the most out of these songs.



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