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Nothing Lasts Forever by Monotone

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Reviewed on 1st May 2001.


Nothing Lasts Forever

By Monotone

"Nothing Lasts Forever" is the recent demo from three-piece Monotone, who claim their influences include Jeff Buckley, Morrissey and Nick Drake, though I really can't see much of a comparison. What I can see is a talented guitarist playing an up-beat, clean guitar - almost acoustic - to the extent it nearly becomes quite funky in nature. There is definite blues form too, and some interesting hammer-on and not-quite lead moments that make the guitars stand out from your normal band in this genre.

The vocals are also very clear, and there are some nice harmonies at times - they're not striking, but nice and subtle which doesn't detract from the qualities the lead vocalist brings to the songs.

From the opening track's upbeat feel via the more subdued "Serenade" we're back at a funky-blues-rock in "1973". And finally, the CD closes with "Famous Love Song #3", with quite a lengthy guitar introduction to get you ready for the moody acoustic-rock ballad that follows.

The downsides? Well, I can't say I really got into the songs as a whole. I enjoyed listening to the guitars quite a lot (over and over again, in fact), but then again, there are good guitarists all over Leeds. The vocals were a touch on the quiet side throughout and like with many bands they lacked a lot of feeling, but they were getting there. And finally, I think the major lacking was a show of great song writing; something to at least match the vocals and guitar ability - whilst they got me interested, they didn't hit me with any killer moments where you think "THAT'S the song".

For Monotone, this demo CD is something to be happy with anyway; a solid start, but needs working on to take it a step further.



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