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Transworld Ultra Rock by Electric Eel Shock

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Reviewed on 29th November 2007.


Transworld Ultra Rock

By Electric Eel Shock

Dispensing with the need to be ironic or clever, having English as a second language is perfect for fists in the air rock, as Ozzy has consistently shown.  Indeed Black Sabbath have been one of Electric Eel Shock's main influences along with a host of other 80's rock luminaries.  It's a style accurately described by their own press as 'fashion proof' and you'd have to agree there's very little here that would identify it as a record made in 2007. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of taste.

It's not a uniquely Japanese phenomenon to take western genres and amplify them to the point of almost parody, we do plenty of that ourselves of course, but it's certainly the case here that all the clichés and corniness of stadium rock is present and correct. Still maybe that's the point,  I'll have to assume that these guys have their tongues firmly in their cheeks, it certainly sounds like it.

After touring round the world a million times, Transworld Ultra Rock sees EES united with veteran rock producer Attie Bauw and he does bring a fat sound to the party with opener  'I Can't Hear You' and lead single 'Big Mistake' rocking nicely. But, a few songs in, I was left waiting for them to pull anything new out of the bag. I couldn't even get through the closer, an ill-judged cover of Minnie Rippertons 'Lovin' You' complete with attempts at those high bits, I know we've all done it, but we haven't all felt the need to commit it to posterity.

This album should move them up a notch in the scheme of things and maybe even see them playing bigger venues in their never-ending tour,  but it seems to me they've aimed for the shining light of the Sabbath/Crue/ Priest sound and ended up nearer the Darkness.



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