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The Was by Make Model

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Reviewed on 8th December 2007.


The Was

By Make Model

As anyone who repaired to the [insert current sponsor's beer brand here] Tent one gloriously sunny Friday afternoon in late August may remember, Glaswegian popsters Make Model are the kind of band it is very difficult for anyone to dislike. With this latest single, as with the live show, a warmth exudes to which it would be churlish not to respond.

I've listened to this track many times, and the lyrics are still as impenetrable (as far as meaning is concerned) as its title. However, with its charming harmonies, its catchy (clap-alongable) guitar hooks and its sharp bursts of brass, you've got as sunny a piece of pop as the rainy west coast city has served up since the days of Altered Images and Orange Juice. Admittedly those guys weren't too much given to throwing quite so much harp into the mix, but - judging by Make Model's choice of percussion - there's still the odd second hand glockenspiel to be snapped up over at Barrowlands market.

Don't expect this record to start any riots on your street when you crank it up to 11, but if your stereo goes that far then do expect to see some very broad smiles on the faces of anyone within earshot. Add to this a simple-yet-stunning sleeve design and you have yourself a charming summery disc to counterbalance the morass of festive drivel and cash-in 'Best of's to more normally be found at this time of year.



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On 8th January 2008 at 16:55 thirties wrote...

Just for the record, the artwork pictured is not that to which I referred as 'simple-yet-stunning' (I think the copy I had featured a bold set of concentric rings...?)


On 23rd July 2008 at 11:54 thirties wrote...

Thanks for changing the artwork; this is indeed what I was thinking of! What a shame the band subsequently split up...



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