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The Avenue by The Wallbirds

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Reviewed on 8th December 2007.


The Avenue

By The Wallbirds

What is there not to like about this trio of lads from Donny? Signed to the infamous Dance To The Radio label here is the first release by the band on 7" vinyl, an old school fashion which is coming back and making every trendy indie kid go out and get a gramophone. Walt, Chris and Lucas have bought around a country folk rock revival that sounds like a British Credence Clearwater Revival, but more radio friendly, with the magical 3 part harmonies and thanks to the band the harmonica is cool again.

The Avenue is a blast of country joy with its tale of doing everything for the one they love, promising to 'I got lost on the avenue just to be with you', which is just plain nice to be honest and quite rare in an age of rage against break ups and objectification of women - so good on you boys! The song works well as a pop song with its repeating vocal lines, which make this song so catchy; not only do you want to dance you want to sing it from the rafters. The breakdowns and slow parts allow us to become excited every time the chorus comes back in and the small harmonica solo just adds to this excellence. The drumming compliments the rhythmic strumming of the guitar and pounding of the bass.

The B-side to this vinyl is the wonderful live favourite Memories. Second only to the band's infamous 'Changes with the moon', it managed to get the Thursday night Leeds festival crowd dancing and singing the easy chorus. The lyrics are quite bizarre in some points: 'I'm a gonna pray you get hit by a bus', which shows obvious resentment so maybe the girl in 'The Avenue' has let the boys down. The drum technical work is country genius and the guitar riffs fit this piece into a well crafted pop song.

The Wallbirds are something refreshing in this age of indie, with a unique sound reviving older sounds. Doncaster need not worry about the future of their music scene with this fine trio of musicians and their debut shows a load of promise.



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