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Brew Records Vol. 1 by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 12th December 2007.


Brew Records Vol. 1

By Various Artists

Newly formed in June in this year with the intention to showcase "more of the experimental music bursting out of Yorkshire" Brew Records Vol. 1 is an ambitious sixteen-track compilation featuring a host of exciting and longstanding local acts.

With the included bands attached to genres such as indie, metal, post and progressive rock, Brew Records' debut assault displays an open appreciation for music right across the board. And whilst the sheer thought of dabbling in multiple genres might alienate some, the Leeds-based labels underlying angle is actually pretty clear - because for the most part this compilation is a dark, twisted, extremely edgy and riff heavy ride.

The opener "Eros And Thanotos" from The Butterfly sets a high standard for the rest of the CD, with its 80's horror film style synth, interchangeable funky and prog guitar work and blasts of brass resulting in a wildly inventive prog rock monster. And the North American induced indie rock from i concur in the form of the delightfully catchy "Oblige" leads us to another contender for highlight. Other highpoints include "We Can Go Home" from Solus Locus with its climbing post-rock aesthetics, and the stirring riff-heavy gymnastics from the likes of Cowtown or Humanfly. Alternatively, if you're looking for something a little more relaxed, then you should look no further than the beautifully delicate balladry from Glissando with the chilling "Floods".

Brew Records Vol. 1 is a reasonably solid and exciting starting point for this promising Leeds label. And even though some listeners might find difficulty in surrendering to all of this compilations charms (such is the diversity on show), there is a real sense of boldness which has to be admired. I mean, most of the bands included are far from the usual suspects when you initially come to think of music in Leeds, and most of the songs featured hardly carry a 'radio-friendly' tag - all making for a potentially dangerous first venture, but with only 500 copies available, I can't see any significant reason why this release won't be finding its way off the shelves pretty sharpish. Go get it.



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On 17th December 2007 at 10:13 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Thanks for the review!

You can pre-order it now from www.myspace.com/brewrecords

Should be in Crash, Jumbo & Out of step on 24th December.

You'll also be able to pick up a copy from any of the up-coming Brew Records gigs.


On 24th December 2007 at 23:38 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

It's out now in Crash, Jumbo and Out of Step records priced 4.99 or you can buy it direct from the label at www.myspace.com/brewrecords



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The Butterfly

alternative rock

i concur

Alt-americana / Post rock.


Cowtown are an econo party rock from leeds. Occasionally referred to as pop on account of them not sounding that much like a conventional rock band. They possess GOLDEN ENERGY....for when you've had a hard hard day at the office.


Progressive Rock


Glissando is Richard Knox and Elly May Irving.