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Leave It Alone by Operator Please

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Reviewed on 16th December 2007.


Leave It Alone

By Operator Please

Operator. Operator. Please give me a direct line to all the people who are jizzing gratuitously and wantonly in their art school slacks over this. Operator. Then reverse the charges. And make sure it's premium rate. To a foreign mobile. Then get them on conference call with The Grates and Yeah Yeah Yeahs and maybe they'll realise this is about as bland, ironic and tasteless as watching Neighbours with a can of Fosters. This reeks of bandwagon. This reeks of boredom. If you believe this hype then you've just been royally shafted. Operator. I'd like to report a crank caller. It sounds like a bunch of kids pissing around.



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Operator Please

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