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Diamonds by Zurich

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Reviewed on 20th December 2007.



By Zurich

Having never heard of the band Zurich I didn't know what to expect, but even with quite a cool metropolitan name I didn't really feel this record from the off. It doesn't do anything new and just seems to be your run of the mill pop song.

The lead singer has an uncanny vocal resemblance to Roisin Murphy while she sings to an R n B background loop which gets too repetitive. Apparently one of the members was on X Factor and this sense of manufactured pop can be felt as you have clichéd lyrics about how to treat women right. I think the singer has a brilliant voice but this choice of song is just plain wrong as it is full of too much repetitiveness with the odd drum break and instrumental section with vocal effect sampling.

B side New Professionals sounds so very similar to Diamonds that I almost thought it was a remix about wanting to spend money, which is a rich mark on the capitalism with a charming sentiment about teaching children abroad to create a attempt of likeable personality.

This single to me at least is not worth the money as it is what most X Factor pop songs sound like, with industrial manipulation for mindless consumers to buy for the brand name. To improve the band need to do something exciting and new and I am just not feeling anything here.



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