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Screwing You On The Beach At Night by Bloodhound Gang

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Reviewed on 26th December 2007.


Screwing You On The Beach At Night

By Bloodhound Gang

In some tiny part of your brain you have to feel sorry for Bloodhound Gang: pre-pubescent boys trapped inside the bodies of men with a sense of humour about as sharp and fashionable as an antique butter knife. There are many reasons not to go to America: bible bashing, McDonalds, guns and now you have another, as this tripe is about as amusing as poke in the eye. Because it's vogue to sound like The Killers, Bloodhound Gang have based their latest teen toilet outing around an 80's saw wave riff... oh that's so out there, dude! Fans of Weird Al Yankovic and 13 year old boys ("Huh huh, it says boobs, huh huh") will be delighted that there is one more band they can bolster their CD/MP3 collection with - but for the rest of you, steer well, well clear.



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