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Sea From Shore by School Of Language

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Reviewed on 21st January 2008.


Sea From Shore

By School Of Language

You'll first realise that this album has got under your skin when you're getting funny looks in the check-out queue in Morrison's, as you've been intoning Uh-Ah-Um-Ee-Ah vowel sounds to yourself like some weird Buddhist chant. What you have in fact been humming is the sampled vocal sounds unpinning Rockist Pts 1-4, the first and last two tracks of Sea From Shore.

This is the first solo album from David Brewis, sometime member of prog-poppers Field Music, who are currently 'on a break' as they say on Friends. It's this bands well regarded Tones Of Town to which Sea From Shore is being suggested as a companion piece.

Apparently mainly a laptop base solo project it comes over as more of a band effort (in direct contradiction of the frankly laughable promo blurb), especially on the more guitar heavy tracks like 'disappointment' featuring Brewis' Sunderland home boys The Futureheads. Poor Boy has a great funky riff, but nothing to really sustain it beyond that.

The whole thing, to me has a 70's prog-lite feel. The songwriting and high registers on the voice remind me of bands like Caravan, with their English amateur whimsy. Not an awful thing by any means, but ultimately if you're at that Morrison's queue singing A-E-R-Um instead of any of the actual vocal or melodic hooks, doesn't that mean there's something missing?



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