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Turnin’ Wrong Demos by Kid Bombardos

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Reviewed on 21st January 2008.


Turnin’ Wrong Demos

By Kid Bombardos

Ok, here's a bunch of French guys I'm sure you'll hear more of in '08. I have in my grubby hands a 5-track demo currently doing the rounds at their shows in their native Bordeaux, which has attracted the attention of the 'blogging community' - community here in Dr. Evil style inverted commas.

The main thing that's grabbed me about this is how different it is from the seemingly identikit indie bands currently swamping the UK; maybe it's a different set of influences, maybe it's the geographical distance, but it just sounds fresh to these jaded ears.

Influences you can here are The Strokes, in the half crooned words, Babyshambles in the way the songs sometimes seem to stumble to the end and, massively, the minor-chord pop of Postcard era Glasgow bands like Orange Juice and Josef K. Actually it's unlikely these can be called an influence as I'm not sure how well a bunch of teenagers from southern France would know early 80's Scottish guitar bands but lets pretend.

Best song by a mile is 'I Round The Bend' (I assume a translator will come in at some point as other songs are called 'Days Come Speedy', 'Turnin Wrong' & 'Deem The Lies'!?) which involves a delicately plucked guitar barely let off its fuzzy chain through the song, some on-beat Stokes style stroking and some very fetching chorus crooning to go with the jazzy chord changes. It even has an organ come in about 10 seconds before the end; I love it when that happens.



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