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Gig review of Capital State + Rigsby

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Reviewed on 1st January 2004.


Capital State

Live at Cockpit on Saturday, 7th April 2001

Saturday night saw a packed house at the Cockpit, where over 300 people were out in force to witness a three-band bill topped by Capital State. Opening was Ivor, who I missed and saw nothing of.

Next up was my personal band-of-the-night. RIGSBY have matured a lot in their sound since I saw them around a year ago at Joseph's Well. That day they reminded me of a lazy summer time band, but they have since developed into a well-toned band with one or two memorable tunes. Opening up their set was "We Could Be Happy" which set the standard for night. James Trevelyan posed and hugged the microphone in a typical confident style you'd expect from your front man, whilst the backbone of the band were more static but equally proficient.

The next two tracks reminded me a lot of Ooberman, sort of Tears From A Willow in sound, perhaps due the band being backed with a similar keyboard effect alongside the guitars. At this stage it was obvious the band had great talent, although it was noted that they hadn't provided a killer tune yet - someone said to me that they seemed to be going through the motions, which I thought was a bit harsh - especially as I was enjoying it a lot - but I could sort of see where they were coming from.

It was at this stage that the sound moved over to a mix of influences but Mansun were the main comparison I could draw. I also saw a touch of My Life Story in the vocals, and what I did notice at this stage was that I had the feeling I knew the songs after only a verse or an introduction. Very strange, but in a way this was very good because it made me a part of their set even more.

Finally, "Na, Na Na, Na" opens up the final song of the set; a song I instantly recognised but couldn't picture where from. "Mystery Machine" is being used on the Channel 4 series called "Teachers" (which I haven't seen) and has also been requested for the new Scooby Doo film... it's just a sing-along classic song that everyone will know the words to and enjoy. Simply, it's a great pop song.

Headlining tonight is the popular CAPITAL STATE, who had attracted over 200 of the evening's audience. All of this on the back of a recent sell-out show at Joseph's Well, Capital State are a band with a lot of confidence in their sound and they show it.

"Come On!!!" shouts Danny Dyton at an audience who are already very much up for it. The next three songs sees most of the Cockpit dancing around to the funky electronic Asian Dub Foundation styled sound, and this includes me and the posse I am stood with. A variety of backgrounds in our group, all appeared to be appreciative for the sound being delivered from on stage.

It was around this time though that a couple of holes appeared, mainly due to the venue's sound rather than the band themselves. The vocals were very loud. The bass was very quiet. The bass drum was non-existent. Unfortunately this took the gloss from the band which was a shame, and I must admit I spent the rest of their set flitting in between the gig room and the Rocket - as did a number of others.

Rigsby took the night for me, as I can still remember a couple of their songs now. Capital State are much better than the sound they were given - a rare commodity in being a local band who can get a whole room dancing from start to finish.



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On 3rd November 2005 at 19:51 Anonymous 4705 wrote...

ahh you found me, i was just washing the dishes...


On 4th November 2005 at 12:29 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

Whatever happened to Capital State ??? I am from LS28 and in a band with Kirk Stevens who you might know... Heard good things and then they vanished... Recently heard they are reforming???

Someone enlighten me


On 12th November 2005 at 11:17 Anonymous 4705 wrote...

A up mate, say hi to kirk from berty and dyton, and good luck with the band, have heard you guys are good, capital state are not reforming, we go under the name DOG CITY we play the mixing tin 19th nov. for the full story see the cap state, sposh review comments or go to: myspace.com/dogcity.



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