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Everybody's just a little bit... by Turning Green

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Reviewed on 9th February 2008.


Everybody's just a little bit...

By Turning Green

A Brighton 4 piece, introducing themselves via this download only debut, coming over loud if not particularly clear.

The complete title is ...a little bit fucked up... which is true of course but could also read ...a little bit funked up... with the attention grabbing riffs, especially on the b side (if there is such a digital thing) 'Bleeding Anthem' with its 70's dirty organ groove - Supertramp, anybody?! and Glitter band sing along.

Main track reads like Chili Pepper Flea playing Unfinished Sympathy, a good thing, naturally but it sets out a confident groove that neither the guitar or vocals can quite match. Things lift on the chanted chorus, although the jury's still out on the key-change of pace where it all gets a little bit lads night out. That does hint that they might be a good bet live though.



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On 10th February 2008 at 20:07 Anonymous 6854 wrote...

Wait , Wait, its not unfinished symathy at all, what was i thinking, its the Billy Cobham sample from Safe as Harm. deep breaths, relax, its all ok now.



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