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Market Harbour by Ginger

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Reviewed on 14th February 2008.


Market Harbour

By Ginger

The name 'Market Harbour' for an album may just seem like a random name; not many albums out there with it, better than self-titled etc. To me it seems like this album's contents are as varied as a market, with bit of everything and anything mixed in.

From the church bells and street noises that open the tracks, it could go either way. Frontman of The Wildhearts (and multiple side projects) Ginger has released a solo album. Well an album and a half; with 21 tracks (sixty minutes and twenty four seconds) it's hardly an album to give a quick listen to.

To be fair, towards the middle of the album a good number of the songs are ditties, featuring crazy samplings of space-like noises; eighties rock and kids laughing ('You And Me (That's What I Want)'). There isn't really a theme here; the odd song pulls you back to the pop/metal of old Wildhearts material ('Overeasy', 'The Queen Of Leaving'), but it is a far stretch from what the band are producing nowadays in the form of 'Destroy All Monsters', which is a lot heavier than their previous work and at the time of going to press has the "sickest video of all time".

For the slow songs on here there is a little bit of Jesse Malin (Casino Bay', Awareness And The Great Integrity'); I can imagine Ginger sitting in the same places as Malin whilst over in America recently and picking up the vibe (and unfortunately some of the accent, where's your Geordie twang whilst you're singing Ginger?).

The songs are so varied it is hard to categorise this; it's quite experimental, like Ginger has just put down on record everything he likes. Country (probably from his time touring with the Scorchers), Celtic, rock, pop, power ballads, even drum and bass ('Soup Hammer'). At one point I heard something so very close to boy band material it could have ruined the album ('Couple Trouble').

So don't go thinking this is a solo album as such, with acoustic guitars and the odd collaboration, it may as well be a Wildhearts / God Damn Whores / Ginger And The Sonic Circus / Brides Of Destruction collaboration. If anyone else attempted this it could be a disaster, but with Ginger and a little help from his friends the non-stop music in this varied and interesting album can be pulled off, showing his talents as an all round musician and performer.



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On 23rd February 2008 at 14:59 Anonymous 7012 wrote...

This is a really interesting review. You draw attention to the album's diversity, which I think is its big selling points. One of the things that really let me down about The Wildhearts' most recent album was its lack of imagination: this was what you would expect from the band, rather than something challenging and new. I've never experienced that with The Wildhearts before.

In recent years I've tended to find Ginger's solo stuff more interesting than his band's efforts, and between 'Market Harbour' and 'The Wildhearts' there's just no comparison. It's yet to sink in totally but so far I've really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the review - keep writing!



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