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Stella by Ida Maria

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Reviewed on 3rd March 2008.



By Ida Maria

I first encountered this artist on 'Later...' with a suave top hat on, singing in an aggressive yet intelligent manner in front of some of the most influential people in music and the genius that is Morrissey.

The B-sides are quite special; in particular, 'Small People's Smiles', which is something you wouldn't expect from Ida Maria listening to her other songs. It seems to fit in with this new folk pop indie strand including artists like Feist, Yael Naim and most i-pod advert participants really. 'In the End' also follows this root showing a great promise for live performances and a competence at the acoustic set showing great vocal prosperity.

The main track on this single 'Stella' is a song that will mould Ida Maria's sound with its punchier folk-indie-rock feel and cool laid back riffs and drum beats. Now I can't quite decide if the Stella mentioned is a reference to the old 'wife beater' with some of the lyrics suggesting this but maybe that's a context I assume. European indie femme fatales are being introduced to us slowly but surely, so I can see an invasion in the near future as I am sure we will see much more of Ida Maria this summer and beyond.

This single is classy, angry and exciting with still that gentle indie element with its elegant femme fatale.



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