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Reviewed on 11th March 2008.



By John Merrick's Remains

On receiving this CD I thought the band must have employed a teenage Goth as their PR as the press release accompanying this album was written in purple capitals. It all suggested this was going to be one of the more interesting CDs I review this year.

On placing the CD in the draw and pressing play, surprise, surprise they sound like a high school Goth band playing a draughty sports hall (or university refectory... your choice). First track Breathe is typical of the album, full of electro-goth-synth swirl, and then some crunch at the bass end but the thing which truly stands out are the lyrics which are straight from the Noel Gallagher cat... mat... sat... school of poetry.

The first verse of the first song of the album including such philosophic musings as: "You've got the looks that, could kill someone, I've got a friend called atomic bomb, burn down my house, just to keep you warm, turn on my TV in a thunder storm." Second track Leatherface takes the listener on a journey through the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Penultimate track 'Dear John' is about the experience of the elephant man - Joseph Merrick (often mistakenly called John).

The album is, to be blunt, teenagerish. The songs are either hugely po-faced, or have an irony so deeply and sublimely hidden it's past my mind to spot it. The time for this sort of stuff had passed ten years ago - and back then it was miles better, my advice is to start with the Nine Inch Nails masterpiece 'Downward spiral' and to go from there.



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