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X Marks Destination by The Whip

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Reviewed on 12th March 2008.


X Marks Destination

By The Whip

Whilst the music world seems to be in a fervour over the latest wave indie bands from the North West who all sound remarkably and uninspiring similar, Manchester band The Whip have produced a stand-out indie-electro dance album. Rising like phoenixes from the ashes of Nylon Pylon (anyone remember these) Bruce Carter and Danny Savilles formed The Whip along and with Lil' Fee and Nathan Sudders.

Their debut album opens with their next single and most infectious song to date, "Trash", a great big stomping dancefloor filler that's like Hot Chip on nitro-glycerine with a chorus as infectious as cholera. Also present on the album are the previous (limited release) singles: the anthemic "Frustration"; the pure energy that is "Divebomb"; the dirty disco of "Muzzle No1"; and the unbelievably catchy "Sister Siam"; as well as new tracks "Dubsex" and the brilliant "Blackout" (a strong contender for another single release). Not to forget the newly re-worked version of "Throw It In The Fire" (or simply "Fire" as it's now referred to) which sounds like one of the remixes that they also do so well; I'm still undecided on which version I prefer as there's something appealing about the relative simplicity of the original shorter version but there's so much more to the new version - fortunately The Whip having been giving away the original version on an album sampler at their gigs so I've got the best of both worlds.

Comprising of just 10 songs, on paper it would appear to be short but this is deceptive; as most of the songs are around or over the 5 minute mark it's not a fleeting experience. With electro-based music finally being acknowledged in the indie scene with the credibility it deserves, The Whip's blend of rock and dance seems perfectly timed to exploit this trend and hopefully will bring back a bit of flavour to a scene that's in danger of becoming insipid.



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