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The Glorious Dead by Cry For Silence

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Reviewed on 18th March 2008.


The Glorious Dead

By Cry For Silence

Britain has been producing some cracking talent lately. Aside from spitting forth a fair amount of punk rock royalty over the last 12 months in the shape of Gallows, The Plight and loads more, metal is also back on the agenda, as this cracking debut will attest to. Having said that, marking Cry For Silence up as a mere 'metal band' is a very foolish assumption indeed. Sure, the likes of opener 'Nightmares' certainly whip along at a fair old pace, but it's the melody and knack for a chorus that sets Cry For Silence apart. Being such a richly textured album, 'The Glorious Dead' should really be listened to as a whole complete package. That's not to say that the songs don't stand up individually. 'A World Benign' and 'Souvenir from Italy' both posses the kind of hooks that could net a whale, whilst closer 'The Weight of Fear' combines, ahem, weighty riffs with towering melodies and a stratospheric outro capable of leveling buildings. The appropriately titled 'Some Kind of Wonderful' is exactly that, with a wah-drenched opening giving way to furious thrash metal riffage.

Having honed their sound to perfection over the last 8 years, Cry For Silence have unleashed a debut so accomplished that the rest of the world have absolutely no choice but to take notice. Metal is theirs for the taking.



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