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Started A Fire by One Night Only

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Reviewed on 9th April 2008.


Started A Fire

By One Night Only

Brian May reforming the original line up of Queen. Britney Spears performing on stage like her ball of a life isn't rolling down into the gutter. Jack Black, Kris Roe, Bono and the Sugababes delighting Wembley with an encore after a groundbreaking set as a six-some. It's doubtful that these things will happen. But if they were to occur it would be a one night only thing. Here's another One Night Only thing.

We all know 'Just For Tonight'. It's catchy, stupidly catchy, and is perhaps what this five-piece from Yorkshire will always be known for. But the rest of the album does indeed follow suit. Not quite as much as I'd hoped. They obviously released the killer track as a single, but let's trawl the album and see what else we can find.

Everything's quite poppy, with a zest of folk bounce and an infusion of electro. It is though, through and through rock. It's lyrics of life, whisked up with some talented piano, guitar and drum skills, and whatever else is thrown in there. No wonder record companies were battling it out over the band! All the songs are pretty simple really. But it is appealing. The youthful voice carries through the album, track to track and One Night Only are quite mature for their age. 'Time' is my favourite song. It's got an element of romance hidden throughout it that you can't quite put your finger on. The pace changes often throughout this song, and even the ten track album. Some bands would have got one chart topping track under their belts and re-worked it again and again to guarantee success. I don't think these guys are guaranteed success. They have a good shot but they will have to work, and from the talent and passion they have, they will work, to get to where they want to be. Started A Fire is a good grounding point for the band, people now know who One Night Only are and are liking what they hear. We'll be seeing this lot for a good while methinks...



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