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Still Figuring Out by Elliot Minor

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Reviewed on 19th April 2008.


Still Figuring Out

By Elliot Minor

Elliot Minor are now firm favourites on the iPods of the teen-Britain. Having supported Fall Out Boy, playing Download, and obviously hailing from Yorkshire, (the latter obviously being the most important) the five-piece are surely set for big things. I'm not exactly a fan though.

Kerrang! say "Muse meeting Fall Out Boy". I say "Mcfly, for the kids who don't like Mcfly and believe Mcfly should die." Perhaps a little much there! Maybe Newt and evil Sasha from Hollyoaks would have better words to say about the band. Let's get onto the track.

The opening fairytale-like 3 seconds is good. Sets an atmosphere that you'd expect Disney to have incorporated in one of their recent flicks. The vocals are very dull. They don't have anything extra special about them, which is fine. I would have liked more of a range, especially as three of the five sing! The words aren't exactly mind-blowing either. About two minutes in they slow right down, before you'd expect them to crank it up a notch and blast out twice as hard 'til the end. They don't. And when they decelerate it extinguishes the little pace the track had and it becomes sluggish and dawdling. When I told a friend I was reviewing this, he replied saying 'I'd rather kiss a boy'. I'm sure a number of fans enjoy both the track and that past-time. There isn't much else to say about this track. I'm sure the band will have achievements and go on to great things. I just won't be keeping an eye on what they do get up to.

I'm 'Still Figuring Out' why I wanted to review this single. See what I did?



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On 25th August 2012 at 22:30 Anonymous 42242 wrote...

Okay I never knew a boy could have PMT but honestly Joe somebody needs their chocolate!



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