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Reviewed on 1st April 2002.



By Cooler Green

Is there a best selling book I don't know about, entitled "Clichés for Songwriters"? Is it available in all good bookshops? Has it been widely accepted as the best source for horrible tried, tested and failed lyrics? If such a book exists, then reading it is probably to blame for the inane efforts of Cooler Green who amazingly manage to get the words 'Breeze', 'Head', 'Man', 'Girl', 'World', 'Sunrise', 'Freedom' and the combo 'Her face', all into the first two lines of there opening track. Getting the picture? Look, comparing girls to breezes really isn't cool and hasn't been since about the early 70's.

This is middling going nowhere, attitude lacking pop-rock. There's an odd mixture of influences, none of them distinct enough to mention and although the undertones of 60's pop on track 2 'Snowblind' is pleasant at times, it does little to help.

Cooler Green need to get cooler still. Forget the sixth form pop side of life because it isn't going anywhere based on this outing. Instead do one of two things - Option A: Space out with maximum attitude i.e. early Verve, or current darlings Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and write some lyrics that are still simple but a lot less twee. Option B: Rock it up, add some feedback a few growls, bring in the melody with some backing vocals, influences shouldn't be too hard to find. Of course a combo of the above also works well and is not beyond the obvious capabilities of the band....bear in mind I didn't include Option C - split up!

As too often seems to be the case I find myself saying solid musicians + bad songwriting = very average band. Ironically reverse that (bad musicians + good songwriting) and the future looks a lot brighter but in the case of Cooler Green, they fall far too easily into the former category and being blunt they need to re-think the formula. A somewhat cold and not very cool.



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