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Julia by The Steers

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Reviewed on 26th May 2008.



By The Steers

Usually, doing a bit of on-line research on a band as you sit listening to their latest single will reveal a little juicy fact or will at least give you the bit of inspiration needed to start writing - even if you just find out the band members' names and where they're from. Unfortunately, in the case of Cardiff four-piece The Steers (James, Sid, Ben and Kris) and their latest single 'Julia' I got a little too distracted by the unnerving amount of reviews that would suggest the band "sound like Supergrass".

So rather than put pen to paper straight away, I ponder for a moment and ask myself, "surely these comparisons are not because the press release included the phrase: '[Julia] is an epic and driving slice of Britpop that recalls the charm of early Supergrass'?". Well - I decide - I'm either well off the mark or some reviewers and bloggers are simply cribbing their ideas off the A4 sheet accompanying the CD. I'm old enough to have enjoyed the era currently known as early Supergrass, and this doesn't really compare. The press release also mentions The Jam, Blur, Radiohead and The Cure too. I wouldn't have referenced them either.

Anyway, I say 'Julia' sits somewhere nearer Bloc Party and The Wombats. And I'm happy to leave it at that - my fifty words are up and you must have got the idea by now.



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