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Look! by Morning Sparks

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Reviewed on 27th May 2008.



By Morning Sparks

Receiving an EP from a band that lists influences ranging from Radiohead to Jeff Buckley to Nirvana, I had no idea what would greet me when I started listening. As it turns out I was treated to three tracks which would be hard to bracket, but doesn't fail to impress. Guitar hooks a plenty but with the depth proving they're not just another average Strokes wannabe band. First track 'Look!' is almost a dance track to begin with that is steadily bouncing along until it hits the middle and it takes an almost Muse like turn with shimmering guitars before returning back to the bouncy guitars.

'Green Bottle Liquor' is less dancey, but tight guitars lead the way through the song with the impressive singer proving his range. They are aiming for a grand sound in this song and I can imagine this sounding brilliant live. The guitars are tight and at points in the song epic sweeping under the vocals.

Conway (Your Time Is Up)' shows another side of the band, as it starts with a haunting riff and vocal combination before exploding into more classic rock and roll. A bass line that thunders under the vocals and guitars, it sounds again like a Muse track slowed down. The way that track is constructed is top notch and the guitars wouldn't sound out of place on a Nirvana track.

Morning Sparks have obviously worked hard on this EP and put a lot of work into it. They've paid homage to their influences by taking what makes them successful and applying it here. Each song keeps you guessing where it's going and the depth is surprising for only a three track CD. The result is a really impressive EP that I can only imagine sounds even better live.



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